Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Rain

The Roto Rooter guys came on Saturday and dug a new drain line to increase the capacity of the driveway water drain.  They were scheduled to do it on Thursday, but it rained (heavily) and digging in mud is not the way to go.  I convinced them to come on Saturday, when a break in the weather provided a chance to dig before another long string of inclement weather.  I am so glad they finished the job yesterday (Saturday) because we had another Flood watch today.  So far so good.  I am really surprised that we didn't lose the power, especially since we haven't started dinner.  I think the gas range will still work, only it will need to be lit with a match.  I think.

And of course, with the way things have been going over these last months, the guy doing the excavator cut the water line that goes to the barn.  NO water in the barn is a class 4 disaster in the making.  But C went out and assisted with the shovel work to find the two ends of the water line, since the trench filled rapidly with water before we got the barn line shut off.  Makes it really hard to see what you're doing under water.  But it was repaired and all is well now.  Knock on wood.

The cost for all of this is horrendous.  And there is still the carpet, pad, and installation to pay for.  The guy came out and measured the dimensions of the big bedroom and the hallway, stairs, etc. and so tomorrow we can, in theory, go to Lowes to pick out the carpet.  I got one carpet sample from last week, but it is totally unsuitable.  In addition to being the wrong color, it has a rough surface and I want carpet where I can wiggle my toes.  We are going to put carpet squares in the computer room, which we will have to install ourselves, another fun family task.  We can't remove the big desk to make way for carpet, because the desk was put together in the room; and the doorway is too small to move the entire thing out.  Poor planning on our part...

Well, time to do the dinner things, chili for tonight, yumm.

Quote for the day:  "I always take life with a grain of salt...  plus a slice of lemon...  and a shot of tequila."

P.S.  Did you notice that I found another Hit counter over there?  I don't know where the number came from, I thought I had more like 38,000 views.  Oh well.  The price for this one was right.  (Free.)

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