Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Progress

This post is going to feel a little different from those in the past. My therapist and I decided to drop our sessions for a while. I have been drifting, just visiting while I am there, and while that is enjoyable, it didn't really get me any further along in my search for peace and ---could it be?? ''a modest modicum of happiness?''

Currently, my major problem seems to be finding the get-up-and-go to accomplish anything, and for the first time in my life, I can't blame the pressure of my professional career work. Indeed, the lack of structure of any given day seems to lead me to take long naps while the laundry is slowly gaining sentience, I think, as it does bulk. Granular white powder seems a weak defense. Dinner has become a fairly slap-dash affair, we fill our plates with what's on offer, and scatter to the four winds to eat it. Lots of paper plates to follow, then to be stuffed into bags and hauled out to the curb to disappear quite early in the morning. We frequently seem to run out of spoons and table knives, i don't quite know why.

The dogs, all 200+ pounds of them seem to revel in the fenced area they share with the horses. I do wish they would stop splashing in the water troughs,making them too mucky for the horses to drink. In retribution, the horses occasionally leave a fecal decoration in their water buckets, so I guess it works out fair.

As far as golf goes, N decided we might benefit from a home pitching cage to practice driving. The kit arrived, but we are to supply the metal supports for the frame. N and son went to Lowes and had them cut to length, but alas! The Subaru Forester was a wee bit shy in the length department, and so the metal poles broke the windshield. $200 repair. I"m sure the neighbors will be endlessly entertained. N is pretty good. But I keep thinking of all those years I bowled on a ladies league, week by week. I even came in on weekends to practice. I think my all time high game was 135. My average at the start and the end were the same...105.

I think I may just be the cart-driver.

New bumper sticker: Draft SUV drivers First!

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