Thursday, January 31, 2008

System Overload

Getting older is damned hard. I feel like I am deteriorating in all functions at the same time. I went to my regular doctor last week, and I told him I felt lousy all the time, nauseated, GI icky, pain in my joints, blurry vision, my skin is itchy and painful, you name a part and I feel rotten there. I was hoping for at least something I could take for the nausea (like phenergan), because there isn't anything OTC that works worth a damn. I mean, what, Pepto Bismol? Emetrol? I toss a slug of them down, and it comes right back up, none the worse for wear. I have grown so used to feeling queasy that some days the first time I become conscious of it is when I realize I am clenching my teeth to the point that my jaw hurts. Anyway, doc's response was to have me discontinue everything I've been taking that isn't "critical", so now I don't take multivitamins, glucosamine, omega-3, aspirin, Zetia, or antibiotic. Result? The nausea is worse. Much worse. Go figure.

I am still trying to sell our many many books on and orders have been dwindling this month. Today I got an order for a $2 paperback, an ex-library one no less, so the condition is only fair. But the guy ordering it is in the UK and the shipping charge is $9 ! I mean, why bother? I guess the dollar is doing so badly compared to the pound that this must seem like a bargain? I still have thousands of books to enter in the database, and when I feel bad this is the last thing I want to do...

And the rotten weather! The temperatures have been OK for January, but the last three nights the WIND has howled so much I can't sleep. We have trees down, part of the screen around the pool wrecked, trash can lids disappear, and why don't they sell the lids separate? The fireplace chimney funnels the sound down to the bedroom while also imparting an echo-y other-worldly WHOOOO to it, and the power, cable, and phone have all gone out over and over. Can't we send for some boring old drizzle?

I know, this isn't a very uplifting post, and that I am repeating stuff I've written before. And at the same time, I know that it doesn't really matter because the main proportion of readers here have surfed in via BlogExplosion, and are only waiting for the thirty second timer to release them, and they won't be back. So if that's you, your thirty seconds is almost.....

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