Friday, June 10, 2005

Trwu luv

Did you read the post down below about pedicures? If not, go read it now, I'll wait. Done? Well OK then. The quasi-pedicure is now history, and so I had to cut my own toenails the other night. I hate doing it. It isn't bad enough that I'm all contorted up trying to reach past my (ahem) thighs and nip in a straight line on an inherently curved surface, but I'm tilting my head up and down trying to get my bifocals to focus at such an indeterminate distance so I don't accidentally nip off my entire toe. Not too bad on the left foot, since I am right handed, but twice as awkward on my right foot. Anyway, I get the job done, more or less. Two days later I notice my big toe is starting to turn black and fall off (well, sorta), and I find that lo, I have an ingrown nail. Great! I'm diabetic, so I take things like this seriously. I'm laying on the bed, trying to prop my foot on the other knee while wielding something that looks like a pair of wire cutters, when in walks hubby, who wants to know what all the whimpering is about. Then--and this where the true love comes in--he sits down beside me, nips off the sharp corner of the nail, FILES all the other nails which 'seem a little sharp' and then POLISHES my toenails! And they look great, and feel great too! Do I know how to pick them, or what!!?

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Carolyn said...

How sweeeeet!! Would you consider renting him out? I have an ingrown on my left big toe, and because I hurt my back, I can't reach it. My hubby is too squeamish about cutting it, lol!