Wednesday, May 03, 2017

New furnace

The guys are due here momentarily to install the new furnace/AC unit, so I got up 3 hours early to be out of the shower and dressed before they arrive.  I just know they will need my expert advice 💩when they work.  Ho ho ho. 

Here is the project that I have added to my roster of patterns to stitch.  I generally don't look twice at "cute" patterns, but this one doesn't seem TOO cute; not like ones with bears, angels, fairies, big-eyed children, butterflies, cartoons, samplers and so on.  I plan on doing a bunch of felines and then hang them all together, somewhere.  I still have to finish "Trio", but it is coming along nicely.  In between trio and this pattern is the 45th anniversary remembrance that will say"Cherish the Memories" instead of "the best is yet to come".  There isn't any "yet to come" for me.  Our 46th anniversary came one month after N died.  We were definitely a rare item.
Here they are, time to adjourn to the dining room with my projects.  Hope all of you are well and happy.  Today's cartoon:

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