Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Limping along

I see the ortho doctor Thursday, and I will just barely be able to walk into his office by then.  It is funny how fast the injection dulls the pain, partly because of the lidocaine that is in the same syringe as the cortisone.  None of the pain easing changes the fact that my knee will not be able to actually hold me upright in a pinch.  I will ask about the knee replacement when I see him.  At least the shoulder is pretty much back to normal, as long as I don't try to carry anything heavy with my right arm, like a basket of laundry.  And although my other knee creaks and groans when it moves, at least it doesn't hurt (much).

I see from my view counter to the right, that I have passed 33,333 views.  It is not accurate, since I have used at least 3 other counters over the years since this began, and this Google one didn't track those views.  Still, I guess it is accurate enough for government work.  I mainly check out the little graph, and it is discouraging that most of the time it is flat lined at zero.  Oh well, this is actually written for me to read and not the greater public arena.  And I seldom read other people's posts, they are often religious, or political, or have some very specific niche they write for.  I like to think mine is pretty general, since I have no religion, not much political views (except for that damned Trump guy), and no one relating what their cute little offspring are up to.  And I try not to assume that readers know the stories behind a given post, and give a short brief update as I go.  My family doesn't even read mine, so I am free to vent if necessary, without ticking them off.  Not that I vent much.

I have been going through the dressers and cabinets and purging all of the useless stuff.  I will surely toss something I will need in the future, but I know people who never accumulate anything (my sister comes to mind) and they manage to float their boats just fine.  For instance, when I have my yearly mammogram, the office schedules the one for the next year and gives me a green sheet of paper with all the pertinent information on it.  It makes that visit so simple when checking in, but it means keeping the magic green sheet for an entire year.  I have never lost one, in all the many years that I have been going there.  I keep it in my organizer, which I carry always, simple enough.

 I haven't found much to do with my Alexa Echo since I got it.  It is dynamite for an alarm clock, and to tell me the time when I can't see the clock or there has been a power failure.  It plays pretty much any piece of music I can think of, and a lot I have never heard.  Still, I should poke around on the web page at Amazon and pick up a trick or two.  It was pretty expensive for an alarm clock.

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