Saturday, February 18, 2017

The End of Illness

It is 6 am here and I feel better, without taking phenergan or whatever.  Here's hoping it lasts.

We had 4 inches of snow, but today it is supposed to have a high of 60.  I want to go to the drug store -big excursion! - so I guess I will need to get cleaned up.  Meanwhile it ts back to bed.

I wrote the above mini post and then forgot about it.  Now it has been a week with no posts, sorry!  I know you all have been bereft.  This will be short as well, but more than 3 sentences, I would hope.  We will see.

I think spring is right around the corner here, mild weather forecast for the next week or 10 days.  I will try to get out for more than 30 minutes while it lasts, it is still Feb. so nothing is for certain in the local weather.  Last year we had a sizable snow this time of year, so it doesn't pay to get too complacent and do some foolish thing, like putting the snow blower away, or using the last of the ice melt and then not getting any more.  That is only tempting fate.

I am losing steam on my Kitty Trio cross stitch, so I will put it aside for a while until I am ready to go again, just a few days.  Meanwhile I will try machine knitting again and see how my shoulder does.  It feels pretty good now.  I'll start with something small, like dishcloths or a scarf, no loss if I have to frog it.  Probably do the dishcloths, I have a ton of cotton yarn to use up over the next, oh I don't know, the next thousand years.  When I was 12 or so years old, my aunt tried to teach me and my sister how to crochet.  My problem was maintaining even tension, row after row, so the piece wouldn't start out 12 inches across, and then diminish the next row to 10 inches, and so on, until I had a triangular piece at the bottom.  I never did get the knack, although I tried multiple times.  My sister, however took to it like a duck to water and crocheted all the time until she passed.  This delighted my aunt and pi**ed me off.  I gave all the afghans, etc. that she made for me to Goodwill after she died, but that is another story.  It makes sense if you knew the full story.

This damned desk has a slot at the back, all the way across, for wires and cables, a gap of 4 inches or so.  I am getting really tired of fishing back behind the desk for stuff that has slipped down behind the desk, grrr.  I keep trying to clear the surface of the desk, but as soon as I get it done, more stuff amazingly appears in that space.  Then it gradually crawls to the back and oops, there it goes behind again.  Stuff expands and fills the space available to it, I think.

Onward to the kitchen for now, the offspring went shopping this morning and my daughter was hungry when they went and they came home with an amazing array of snacking stuff.  I've got to find space (again) to put it all away where it will get used before the "use by" date.  Such a burden %> )

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