Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hoping for a mild February

We had another 3 inch snowfall a few days ago, but not much of it stuck.  It was kinda pretty, big fluffy flakes, as long as I don't have to be in a car on a steep guard rail-less road.  Northern WV is a nice place to live, it has scenery, and is close to a major metro city (Pittsburgh) for shopping.  I personally haven't been to Pitt for years, after all, there is the internet which has the advantage of no crowds, parking, and traffic back to WV.

The preventative maintenance on the furnace was done today, and there are no problems except for too much dust in the immediate area (e.g. the cat litter box right next to the intake duct), but I think I can correct that without moving the box.  I mean, how would we like it if we had to use the bathroom and couldn't find it? We will give it a trial and see if the furnace filter has less dust on it.  A simple furnace filter replaced more frequently won't be a burden either.

I found some neat cross stitch patterns over the last few days, just the pattern and not an entire kit, which runs the cost up a lot.  Here is one of them
It is a fractal cat image, and if the monitors of all you readers can render a reasonable copy, you can see the pattern should be easy, unless it is stitched on black fabric, which is the pits.  I haven't received this pattern yet, I am keeping my fingers crossed about the black fabric.  I did one cross stitch a long time ago on navy blue and swore I would never do a dark background again.  But we know how that goes?  It has to be worked on in the daytime, you have to have a white something on your lap so the holes show up, and you don't want to take some of it out to do over.  But there are lovely patterns with the dark background that are very striking.  Sigh.  Update:  it is stitched on white fabric!

Ugh.  I just was dive-bombed by a stink bug, I'm out of here until it is found.  Hope all of you are having a good down time on your days off, and I am hoping you have no close encounters with bugs.

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