Friday, January 29, 2016

Not very cold here

...But we got 20 inches of snow.  It is hard to know where to measure, with drifted and scoured snow, but checking here and there that is the estimate for this storm.  Luckily the follow-up rain hasn't materialized yet, making everything not completely clear into ice.

I am feeling a little cabin fever-ish right now, but I got some new yarn yesterday in the mail from Turkey, a dark heather gray color, to make a scarf along with a lacey pattern in cameo pink on the reverse side.  I finally gave up on the decorated hat, it was too complicated for me at this stage of my knitting ability.  The pink and the gray should make the pattern stand out on both sides.

The colic-y horse Willie is back on regular rations and seems all over his colic .  The farrier came yesterday and said his hooves look great, even, uncracked, and he was not even sore on the right hind leg (the horse, not the shoer) which he sometimes resists having it picked up.  Usually that is really the left hind that is sore (and has to take all the weight when the right side is picked up) but either way the bute (horse aspirin) given the day before seems to do the trick.  Both horses got wormed (ick) as they do every 8 weeks when the shoer comes, and though the winter blankets and winter coats make them look like Mongolian ponies, they are warm and, under the blankets, clean.  My very first horse, all those years and years ago, was a palomino, and I kept him clean and groomed every day.  I boarded for a while at the stables in Golden Gate Park, and when I washed his white mane, and dried it with a blow dryer,we never failed to attract a crowd.  Old times.  He was 22 when he died.  I miss Poco still.

 Thought for the day:  "Lottery:  A tax on people who are bad at math."


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