Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I decided to switch to a new family doctor, after the current one left me without any information related to the large amount of lab work he had done.  His nurse said his evaluation of the results were that they were "acceptable".  That was it.  Acceptable.  What does that even mean??

Anyway we will see how this doctor does; so far so good.

We have lost touch with my uncle's son (AKA Airhead) after the funeral.  When we call the house there is no answer, not even a machine, and I don't have the number for Airhead who lives next door.  Finally sent a snail mail to them and it got returned for insufficient postage.  I'm sure they spent more than 22 cents returning it to me.  So I sent another note off today, not too big, not too small but like Goldilocks' porridge, just right.  I predict they will ignore us, but at least we made the effort.  Airhead's wife seems OK, but I have only met her once before the funeral.  I wouldn't have recognized either of them if we passed in the street.  I know where she works, we could go that way if I want to be thorough.  But reason me this; how many people would need to be updated on my aunt's condition?  Anyone in town would know as soon as it happened, and out of town there is us, and some nephews in Ohio.  So maybe 3 phone calls or maybe 4.  Doesn't seem to be an undue stress.

Our son is back on full duties at work, although he calls for help if he has to load/unload some of the big items.  Our daughter is on jury duty, US Federal, most likely drug cases.  The drawback is that the court is 40 miles away, and she will get caught in the rush hour traffic which is more trudge hour traffic.  Still, it is interesting, at least for a while.  I've had jury duty several times, here and in San Francisco, but the "call this number every day after 5 pm" to hear if you are needed the next day, that part is a bummer.  When I worked in a lab, it meant I couldn't start any multi-day experiments because I never knew if I would get called on day 2 of the prep.  My boss was less than thrilled, as I remember it.

I got a neat mug made on Shutterfly, and I chose a template that holds 12 photos.  I used photos of 12 of our cats, 5 are still alive, the rest have passed .  There are still 8 or 10 more (this is a 45 year span of time, we aren't hoarders), all have passed, but I will need to dig through old boxes of non-digital photos to find them all, if possible.  I'll post photos when I get the set done.  I can't remember the next word I want to use, but I remember all of their names.

T shirt for the day:  "If we're not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?"

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