Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I probably should not have called him Airhead; He is more like light-minded when it comes to keeping everyone in the loop about my aunt.  I don't know if he has a facebook page or a simple web page.  It is just that we haven't heard from him since Sept 16 and I want to know (lightly, not every little detail) how his mom is faring.  To lose contact only to hear that she has passed would be sad.  Maybe a quick phone call to us?

I made a loaf of  bread for my neighbor.  She had sent us a big 'ole apple pie still warm from the over, delish.  But she uses Truvia to sweeten her baked goods, which is fine, but for sending bread, it has to have sugar for the yeast to rise; there is 3 T in the entire loaf.  It smelled so good while it was baking and rose perfectly, hope she likes it.

N used the pressure washer on the winter horse blankets, huge chunks of debris washed off. One blanket has a huge rip in it; I think we will pitch it and use the new one I ordered several years ago.  After all, what am I saving it for?  If one is destroyed I have several (damaged) ones to  tide us over for the 3-5 days it will take for a new one to come.

Thought for the day: " A paper cut is a tree's final revenge."

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