Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three times again

Well, life is always interesting here.  Last week C (son) fell off the truck lift and broke his leg.  And not just a simple fracture,oh no.  He cracked his tibia right behind his knee cap. (A fracture of the tibial plateau).   If it doesn't heal correctly, it could fuse and result in a knee that cannot be bent.  He now has a full length brace that he must wear unless he is in the shower or changing clothes; crutches too.  Next week he goes for a CAT scan to see if the end of the tibia itself has fragmented from the downward pressure in the fall.  If so, surgery.  If there is ligament or tendon damage, surgery. We must wait for the results, which are to be done now so as to give the swelling time to go down. The only saving grace is that he is on workman's comp., and not having to pay for this on his own.

I have jury duty starting in June, through July. 

I have cataract surgery next week, too.

The horses are nearly out of hay, the rain has been so persistent that the path into the barn would stick the hay truck in mud.  We will try tomorrow to get a partial number of bales (around 50) to see us through until the rotten weather eases, using the four wheel drive pickup.

N (husband) finally got a hearing test, and it shows that he cannot hear in high range at all, and that the mid-range frequencies (voices) are weak.  I thought he was just ignoring us...

And finally, daughter R is moving her job into a new building.  That doesn't sound too traumatic but R doesn't like changes, and this is sure to send her into a tailspin.

Interesting times.

Bumper sticker:  "When everything is coming your way, you're probably in the wrong lane."

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