Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi day

It's pi day!  For those who can't remember high school math, that's 3.1415 and if you are compulsive, that value goes on and on, you could post at 9:26 to get 3 more decimal points.  Me, not so much.  Happy pi day!

Nothing new today, doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen.  Thank the gods of invention for the washing machine and the dishwasher.  I remember the early days of our marriage, when laundry meant hauling stuff to the apartment laundry room, and staying there with it until it was done, then hauling it all back home.  And dishwashers!  Is there any appliance more valued?  I HATE to wash dishes, I used to swap chores with my sister, if she would take my turn at the dishes, then I did all the rest of her chores (sweep, trash out, yes and laundry too).  When married, we only had the bare minimum of kitchen stuff, 2 plates, one saucepan and one skillet and so on, it wasn't like I could postpone dish washing indefinitely, tho I tried.  The first thing we bought on time was a dishwasher, a Kenmore, it was an absolute work horse.  I have a Kenmore now, and tho it has many more bells and whistles, it still does a dynamite job on the dishes, pots and pans.  That first dishwasher lasted through two moves and zillions of loads.  We have been married 45 years in June, I doubt I would have lasted if I had had to hand wash everything!

The horses have finally been able to get out of the barn for a while.  Blankets off, they carried on a bit when turned out, but nothing too wild, thank goodness.  We have begun giving the older of the two "bute" or the equivalent of horse aspirin, to make him more comfortable as his arthritis progresses.  It's too soon to tell if it is helping, but I've had good results with other geriatric horses.  And if they can get more outside time, they will be happier, I know.

I hope we are all through with below freezing temps, slick roads and treacherous driveways. We are so very tired of trying to keep the steps and the front landing clear, and I am tired of all the mud and snow dirt being tracked in.  For a while we had an indoor-outdoor rug on the landing, but the cats decided it made a dandy place to relieve themselves, so it was back to tile which can be mopped.  Frequently.  What this house needs is a mud room, to leave the groady boots in.

Well this has been one topic after another of cleaning woes.  I chalk it up to spring cleaning fever, but all 6 of you readers are bored to death I am sure.  Therefore, I will end this, and hope that life is treating all of you kindly and that we all will be glad for spring SOON.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Irony - the opposite of wrinkly." 

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