Thursday, March 19, 2015

Forgot to post a title...

I went to the ophthalmologist on Monday and as I expected my cataracts are blocking a lot of my vision.  I will have surgery on the left one next month, I have heard it is no big deal, and I am "focused" on that (ho ho).  It will be so great to be able to see clearly again.  Having cataracts, for me, is like seeing through my glasses when they are heavily fingerprinted.  And at night the lights are all starry, not so great for driving, or even riding in a car.  I know there is a small chance of complications, but I am willing to risk it.

I finally changed out the Christmas wreath on the door for the tulip and daffodil one.  And the wind sock went from the snowman to the Easter bunny one.  Now if the weather will continue to cooperate;  March snowfalls are not unknown here.  N saw the first robin yesterday, the first one of the (dare I say it?) spring.

I missed St. Patrick's day this year.  I didn't leave the house that day, so there would not have been anyone to appreciate my greenery.   Years ago, in a microbiology lab, the graduate asst. said, "anyone wearing green today gets 5 extra points on their lab."  I replied, "What am I offered for a pair of slightly worn green socks?"  I was dressed head to toe with green, myself.  No one took me up on it, although I did get a few scowls.  Maybe microbiology attracts grumpy students.  I enjoyed the med tech classes, myself.  Although parasitology taught me to never go to third world countries.  Or if I did go, to never eat or drink anything, never go barefoot, and always to sleep with the windows closed...

When I worked in the physiology lab, my boss was this British woman (who went off her meds frequently, but that's another story).  She went to a scientific meeting in St. Petersburg (Russia).  All the attendees had been told to only drink bottled water while they were there.  But what she found out, later, was that the vendors outside the conference area were refilling bottles in local water and putting on a new cap.  She came home with a Giardia infection, no fun at all.  Usually only occurs here in people who drink "wild" water, from a spring or stream contaminated with wild animal waste.  Myself, I'd rather drink from previously boiled water.  Right out of the saucepan.  Still hot.

Bumper sticker for the day, "Dear Algebra,  Stop asking me to find your X.  She's not coming back."

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