Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tick tock

For a long time (30+ years) we have had a chiming wall clock in the living room, nothing fancy or expensive. We stopped winding the chimes because N found they drove him crazy (a short trip at the best of times). Recently the clock has been losing time in a major way, maybe 10 minutes a day, causing us to miss the first 10 minutes of NCIS, obviously a serious oversight. So I decided to look into getting another clock, and bid and won a nice clock of similar type on ebay. And THEN! in a lightning moment of insight that has long been the hallmark of my cerebral faculties, it occurred to me that a pendulum clock can be slowed by lengthening the pendulum, and sped up by shortening the pendulum, and for this very purpose, there is a little adjustment screw on the end of the pendulum rod, to move the weight up or down. So viola! the clock now keeps perfect time again.

But the new clock...when it arrived, the minute hand was unattached, the top of the case was broken, and the whole thing is, well, a mess. How do people get photos to post on ebay that make their stuff look BETTER than it really is? When I take photos for similar purposes, the newest slickest most perfect condition item looks like I unearthed it at the dump, dusted it off, and put it up with a reserve bid of $$$ dollars! Anyway, there is an actual CLOCKMAKER locally, who didn't bat an eye at the battered clock, and in 8-10 days I should have another, smaller, sweeter chiming clock, which I will try out in the dining room. The clock guy says this one dates from 1900 or so. Will post an "after" picture, but here is the photo for the eBay "before" listing:

Favorite bumper sticker: "CAUTION I swerve to hit cars at random"

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