Thursday, February 14, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Gosh, I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post. There isn't much new here, we're just trying to stay warm (low last night of 8 degrees) and get stuff done.

When I worked full time, I did a certain amount of "housework", but I had a regular house-cleaning service come every other week. When I retired, I stopped having them, partly because they weren't doing a very good job, even by my slacker standards, and "things" were turning up "missing" too often. And really, if I were home all day every day, I could easily do it all myself, right?

But I had no idea what a time-consuming chore it would become. Before, three women would come for 2 hours each = 6 hours. Maybe I'm being more thorough, but I would guess I spend a good 12 hours per WEEK on housework. And the worst of it is, it's all to do over again in a week or so. Here's an example:

That's mud, tracked in on ONE pair of boots to the landing by the front door, a couple of hours after I scrubbed every inch of it. The whole outside world is mud.

I'm off to Ft. Myers Florida tomorrow for a swell weekend with my BGFF. Taking WAAY too much stuff with me, hope I can lift the suitcase. I promise to post after I return!

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