Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dogs + horse meds = vet

The formula above sums things up pretty well. Yesterday, between dog breakfast at 9 am and us going back to the barn at 11 am, the dogs managed to paw the door to the tack room open. In addition to making a mess of plastic bags, insulation, and whatever was in reach, they got hold of a tub of "Equiease", a palatable horse supplement that we give to the 24 year-old mare to help her with aches and pains. The active ingredient is aspirin, and dose is 2.5 grams in a single scoop, with around 55 scoops in the tub. There are 10 or so scoops missing, as nearly as we can estimate, which for a dog is a HUGE dose of aspirin. How much they ate versus scattered on the floor is unknown. We called our vet, who is of course out of town. Then we called the horse vet, who said to make them throw up, so we squirted two 15cc doses of hydrogen peroxide down each, and shortly received three enormous puddles of ex-breakfast. We kept an eye on them all day, hoping that all that food in their bellies prevented the aspirin from being absorbed. Maggie, the 7 month old, seemed fine throughout: excited, hopping about, moving well, normal. But by 11 pm, Raven, the 13 month old Newfy, was subdued, reluctant to get to her feet or walk, very fast respirations. A call to the emergency clinic, and off we went, where they kept her overnight to give tummy meds, IV fluids, blood work, etc. She came home this morning, and seems pretty subdued, but not distressed, so hopefully there will be no further problems; she also came home with a bag of meds and instructions for a repeat blood work-up next week.

Cost? The tub of supplement =$50. The vet visit = $400+

There is a new latch on the tack room door.

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