Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The cast is OFF! Went to my new ortho doctor, who x-rayed and decreed that my ankle was OK to go into a (removable) walking boot. I can take it off to shower, to sleep, even to hobble gingerly to the bathroom. I feel like dancing..err..not quite. But soon...

Oh yes, and Raven is also out of her splint and only limped a bit for a few days afterward. Now she is back to harassing the cats, who had gotten used to her limited mobility and now have to hustle to get out of reach. She is now 15 weeks old and weighs 35 pounds. She MUST learn to go down stairs, even muscular son is having difficulty carrying her when she needs to go out.

I am avoiding all TV news because I cannot bear all the post-tragedy rhetoric about Virginia Tech. The horror of what went on, especially for the survivors, makes me feel physically ill. Just writing this much makes me feel ill.

Yesterday was the husband's birthday. He always has a mixed attitude about it. On one hand he wants us to make a fuss about him, and on the other he doesn't want to acknowledge that he is, well, (whisper) older. How can we win at this? Make him a birthday cake and then pretend it's for no special reason? We went out to dinner (first time since I broke my ankle) which was very yummy. I gave him a WW II photo of the flying tigers, autographed by the commander, which I ordered online. A fun time was had by all.

New depression med is perhaps helping with the persistent depression. I ardently hope that the other meds are not losing their efficationess. If that's a real word. Going off one anti-depressant and onto another has in the past sent me into a total meltdown, and I'm running out of classes of drugs to try. I wish I could take my brain out and give it a good scrubdown and then reboot.

This is certainly an uninspired post, I think I'll just give up now....bye!

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