Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I had one interesting session with the therapist during my recent in-patient sojourn. After covering all the usual topics, history-wise, she mentioned noticing that I hadn't been attending the 'group therapy' sessions. I told her that I wasn't a believer in group therapy, that if I wanted advice on my problems, I wanted it from trained, professional, impartial therapists, and not from a bunch of uneducated, messed up, random people off the street (can you tell I'm a snob?). She said that sometimes there were insights to be gained, and I admitted I'd swapped info with the other cutter I'd found, little how-tos and so forth. I had heard that if you went to group sessions, the docs would know you were 'working' and would let you go home sooner. So I told the therapist that, and then laughed and said, "We both know you'll let me go the very instant my insurance says they won't pay any more" and she laughed and admitted I was right. Today I got the preadmission approval from my insurance co., in which they approved me for 4 days stay. And I was in for..four days. Ah life, so predictable.

In other news, I have just returned from a little 3 day trip in celebration of our TA DA! 35th wedding anniversary. We went to a little B&B about 2 hours away, and did pretty much nothing but taking in the sights (such as they were) and eating. The nearest grocery store was 40 miles away (you'd have to do some serious planning ahead to live that far from food) and the whole town had a population of 20. The scenery was beautiful, unspoiled forest, and the bedroom was tiny, hot, and I was never so glad to get home in my life. Ahem. A swell time was had by all.

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