Friday, April 01, 2005


I'm getting discouraged about posting, Blogger has eated two of my posts in a row, and dumb me didn't save them in notepad, but by gum this one's going to be saved, even though it isn't a patch on those other two wonderful, articulate, funny, blog-fests (you'll just have to take my word for it).

Recycle: to most people it means aluminum cans, newspaper, plastic bottles. But I remember when 'recyle' meant to use something over again, not chop it up in little bits and use all the energy to re-manufacture a new one, this time with a green label proclaiming what % post-consumer dreck is in the new one. For example, when milk jugs were thick-walled plastic or glass with wire handles, and you paid/got $0.75 for each one, which was washed, sterilized and re-filled. So what I want everyone to do is, think of flea markets and yard sales not as ways to dump crud you don't want anymore, but as re-cycling it to someone who can use it, keeping it out of landfills for more of its useful life. Maybe the new image will give the process a cachet, so not only newly weds looking for a little cash flow and relief from too many wedding gifts do it, but rich folks who don't need the money at all. Then they can donate what they made to a charity, and we all win. Makes sense, yes?


carrie said...

blogger's been doing that to me, too. it's annoying, huh.

Sharron said...

I'm pretty much fed up with Blogger myself.

Switching to typepad and going live with in on Monday...I hope.

Lydia Daffenberg said...

In a small town near me, there's a place that you can bring anything to donate, and everything there is free. I'm talkin' toasters to typewriters, clothing to couches.

I got my x-mas tree that way this year. I've donated many items as well. It's a good way for people who could use a bit of charity (like my family) to also give something back as well.

As long as people don't go crazy and stuff bags full of things they don't need, I think it's an awsome idea that all towns should adopt.

The workers are volunteers, and I believe that it's actually run by one of the churches in town. But, it could easily be run by many different organizations as well as the towns themself.

Anyway, thought you might like this idea! Fun blog.

Clublint said...

Don't you hate it when you pour your heart into a piece only to have it not save?

And then you think "okay I'll try again" but it's not as good as the first one and what seemed funny the first time you typed it seems so contrived the second time and even though you're the only one that knows it's a second attempt, it just doesn't feel right...

To do it a third time takes guts.

Well done....