Monday, February 14, 2005

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to work I Go...

Ribs finally mending, barring a serious coughing fit. No more rib-wrap (woohoo) and no more pain drugs. Firm resolve NEVER to venture down the stairs with anything but 100% dry shoe soles, and a firm grip on the bannister. Why do we feel so dumb when we fall? The first thing you do is look around to see if anyone noticed your little whoopsie-daisie, like the world is going to score you down for falling (nah, that was a 4.2 tops).

Anyway, back on the home front, the laundry has accumulated to truly awesome proportions, since bending over has been off my to-do list for a while. I once kept track of how many loads of wash I did in an average week (this for a family of four) and the total was something like 30 loads. Not that I ever actually GOT to the bottom of the hamper, I just counted for seven days. I know people used to wear their clothes a LOT longer before washing them (if they were washed at all, which in colonial times they mostly weren't), and I can see with our preoccupation with odor that we couldn't do that any more, but still, for us to have 30 loads means we're changing clothes two or three times a day! And although we do have horses, I can't blame it on them, since I keep a grubby sweatshirt and pants ready for the twice daily feeding routine, just pull them on over whatever I already have on. So it must be the kids, right? I resolve to notice more on this subject and get back to you. I know you can't wait.

Things at work have piled up too, with several missed deadlines that have been postponed. Does anyone else find emails that have piled up to be confusing? They get out of sequence, and there are missing face-to-face details, and when you've finally sorted the whole thing out you find out it's all moot anyway because times have moved on. So procrastination IS it's own reward, since some things put off long enough don't have to be done at all.

Happy Valentine's day to everyone; it was a mere 36 years ago that I got my engagement ring, the envy of all the girls in the dorm that year. Made all the subsequent Valentine's Days anti-climactic, I'll say that.

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She Dances in Dragon said...

I am so glad you left a comment on my blog, because it gave me a chance to read yours! We have some interesting parallels... My hubby has Graves disease too! I just posted about laundry, and prior to that I wrote about working on my self esteem. Not to mention the red hair thing.
Thank you for stopping by!