Monday, February 21, 2005

Happy Birthday

Today is R, my daughter's, birthday. She's (gulp) 25. I can hardly credit it. She was born prematurely, in San Francisco, and spent two months in the ICU. She has grown into a unique and special woman with a quirky sense of humor and her own way of looking at life. She still wants hugs and kisses, and (sometimes) even her hand held. She still wants "Funfetti" cake on her birthday (ugh) and eats Fruit Roll-ups and gummi worms. She plays Everquest on the computer, and goes to see horror movies (like Hide and Seek, and The Grudge), reads Stephen King novels and bodice rippers, and none of this comes from me! Among her friends, she's the one who shows up on time (!), who wraps her gifts in real paper, who remembers when everyone's birthday is. She waters my house plants, takes the recycling stuff to the pick-up place, and sweeps the front steps when it snows. She buys milk when we're out, and pays her own car expenses and student loans. It took a few years of adolescent angst, but we got past tantrums, and sulks, and fights over whose turn it was to do the dishes. I don't always approve of what she does, but she isn't me, and her view is (wince)just as valid as mine. One of these days she'll move out on her own, and I know I'll miss her, and miss listening up for her to come in, and miss sharing a bowl of "Yucky Charms" with her. But maybe I'll get to be a grandma sometime too, the ultimate payoff for raising your own kids.......Meanwhile, Happy B-Day, princess. We love you.


Rohit said...

She sounds like a great girl.Well-done :D

Tommy said...

Going through sites on blogexplsion and this is the neatest post I have read. Good for you and her.