Friday, January 07, 2005


Goodness that soapbox is high, isn't it? So much more comfortable down here. Saw my therapist for the next to last time last night, soon there will be no more shrink-rapping on Thursday nights, crikey, changes the whole dynamics of my week. Maybe I'll join some Vo-Tech class instead, ceramics or scrapbooking, something stress-free of testing or performance. I am so very done with academic classes, for years I've poked along getting overeducated and over stressed for no earthly good reason except to "stay current", sort of like treading water for an indefinite period - paddling like mad to go nowhere. I haven't convinced my frugal self there is no need to buy more spiral-bound notebooks or pens -- I have enough pens to last until the NEXT millenium -- I don't need them and gods knows the kids don't need them, but it feels strange to pass up all the back to school displays. Maybe just a few rolls of tape? In case?

The cats are all wired for some reason, at 3 am last night they decided to stage WWIII, complete with ambushes, kamikaze attacks, and high fives. My eyes are so bloodshot it looks like I've been doing drugs, but it's just sleeplessness. THEY, of course, will sleep all day today so they will be fresh for tonight's new assaults. Guess it's a good thing they can't manage weapons, I'd have to hose the blood down every morning just to get to the bathroom.

Seems like many of the random blogs I've been reading the last few days are dealing at some point with the tsunami carnage in the east. I can't really wrap my mind around the kind of death toll statistics that are being published, at some point it just boggles. Still, the daily death toll worldwide is something like half a million, on just a normal day, how can that be? Is it any more horrific, that these people died at once in a catastrophe, rather than one by one of accident, disease, homicide, etc.? The people who die of those "ordinary" causes left just as many grieving families, economic loss, emotional turmoil in the wake of their deaths as the tsunami victims, but we don't wax eloquent about their losses, do we? As I've said before, it's a strange old world.

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