Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kids say the darndest things

I was reading Finslippy the other day (I figured out how to link that site to this! I think it even takes you to the relevant post) about the humorous results that can occur when toddlers with muddled pronounciations tackle common phrases, and I was reminded of this incident when my son was 2.

N, Hubby, is a pretty laid back guy most of the time, but something about driving brings out the beast. For years we've had words about his tendency to go off on a swearing tirade when someone in another car ticks him off. I point out that after all, they can't hear him at all, but I can, and I'd just as soon that I didn't. When the kids were learning to talk and repeating everthing I pointed out that it was especially important to watch what we say.
One day we were all in the car when someone cut N. off. He went "TSK" and sort of sighed, and I was so proud he'd controlled himself. Then from the back seat comes this wee voice saying, "Stupid bastard". We lost it.

So does any one else remember Art Linkletter, and the segment of his show called by my title here? It was a LOOOng time ago. My sister was on his show once, when he broadcast from the Crippled Childrens Hospital in Miami, she told a joke which I have long forgotten. I was so jealous
But then siblings of handicapped children are, I think, a confused lot. They don't want to be handicapped themselves, of course, but they tend to resent all the 'extras' that their sibs get--fussed over, rolled up to the front, special treatment at school and so forth. And they feel guilty for feeling that way. Conflicted, I guess you'd call it.

To those of you leaving me nice comments on my last post, thank you all, I have been touched by them. To anyone leaving not-so-nice comments, why bother? I'm just going to delete them. Some people have hearts so small, it's a wonderment their blood doesn't just puddle up in their tiny chests. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

We can always count on children and parrots to remember things that we'd like them to forget! ;^)

Carolyn said...

That was cute!

Someone once said the first words their son spoke was "damn it" and he was in the church nursery at the time, lol!

Carolyn said...

By the way, thank you for adding my link to your blog. It's an honor!
Carolyn @ The Ginger Quill