Thursday, March 23, 2017

Too much stuff

Waaay too much.  My son took a pickup load of trash to the dump yesterday, old bed, recliner with all the springs broken, ratty old rugs I didn't know they were in the attic, tons of junk.  The total cost was $12.50  I am determined to clear the attic of everything but the luggage, and maybe not even that.  We have a storage unit for keepers, but there isn't much - Christmas tree, one section of the leather couch, golf clubs (which I need to advertise), etc.  It is worth every penny. 

The worst thing about it is how many stink bugs there are in the attic.  When my son opened the overhead ladder to go up, stink bugs literally cascaded down.  And most of them were dead, but some were still wiggling.  How they do that??  Survive freezing, parboiling, no food and still be kicking?  I have a horror of them, I can't stay in the room if they are flying around, ish.  Time for an exterminator for the attic.  I can't have treatment outside where the cats are, or inside, since they mostly come from the attic. I'm thinking about getting a crew to clear, while we sort in the garage.  So much to do now that the weather has turned nice.  It has, don't you think ?  We're all finished with winter, aren't we?  Please?

My trip to the eye doctor for a checkup, yielded a new script for glasses.  I'm hoping they will eliminate that annoying tip-your-head-up-and down searching for the sharp orientation.  I even found a nice frame on line (Amazon of course) which I am sure won't be available at the optician store.  At least I have insurance which will cover a lot of the expense.  My current glasses are the same for the last 3 years, after the cataract removal. 

This is the dullest post here, maybe because it is 5 am.  I think it is time for a little humor -

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