Sunday, March 19, 2017

Is It really Spring?

The snow on Friday disappeared with the rain on Saturday.  I sure hope that is the last.  The daffodils are already up, if the cold didn't spoil them, and the forsythia is blooming too.

I have been on ebay, for some retail therapy, and won/bought a bunch of DMC embroidery floss, which I really don't need.  I have 200+ skeins already, and recently got a small plastic box with bobbin-wrapped floss, 69 skeins.  My original flosses (also from ebay 6 months or so ago) are sorted into floss-away bags, which is OK if you don't mind dragging the whole thing out every time you need a little, say, #310 (black).  Whereas with the bobbin system, you just open the box and voila! there it is.  But really, it is just for the fun of bidding, or jumping into "Buy it Now" before it is seen by someone else.  This recent haul is the second type, it was up for only a few hours from when it was listed, and I grabbed it.  Now comes the hard part which is waiting for it to come.  Hopefully in a few days.  Gotta love it.

I am self-debating whether to get a copy of "The Last Dance", starring Patrick Swayze.  All the reviews say that while the movie, plot and script, is a real stinker, every one says the dancing scenes are breathtaking.  This was the last movie made by Patrick before he died of cancer.  His mother had a dance studio when he was little, so he danced from the time when he was a youngster.  A few years ago, he and his wife did a performance for the Academy awards (I think) but I have not found anything on Youtube.  He was my favorite actor, although most of his movies were ho-hummers, except for Dirty Dancing which has become a cult classic of sorts.  I used to joke that I would watch film of him brushing his teeth, just for fun.  I guess I could watch Last Dance with the remote to fast forward through the story.

I finally decided to see a therapist for "grief counseling"  because I am having a tough time now.  It is nearly a year since N died, and I have been having horrible dreams where I am partly awake and in my room, and partly asleep with a nightmare.  It may be because of a change in meds, too, I see the Dr. in a few weeks.  Locally all the medical practices have had a tremendous turnover in staffing, and although my latest doctor said she won't be leaving, I take that with a grain of salt.  She is the 6th doctor I have had in the last few years, some for only 3 or 4 visits.  It is hard to maintain a coherent history when I can't remember who said what, or why they prescribed one drug or the other.  Anyway, I got a few therapist's names from my last therapist (moved away) and have whittled it down one after the other.  Either they don't accept Medicare, or are not accepting new clients, or aren't local, or have given up counseling all together.  The last one, whom I thought would be a good match, won't return my calls, after the encouraging first time.  Maybe she fell down the stairs, I don't know.

I finally got a new mouse for this computer.  The old one had taken up the disorienting  habit of moving when I wasn't holding it.  If I want that kind of motion I'll use a Ouija board!  So for a few bucks, I got a Microsoft one.  It is made in China just like the other, cheaper, ones, but at least there is a USA source for this one, if I need help.  Although what kind of help I would need for a mouse, I don't know.  The new one is very peppy, but can be adjusted if it is too peppy.  I'm still test-driving it.

Well, back to the trenches (cleaning). Today's cartoon:


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