Friday, January 22, 2016


Well,the forecast is for 8 to 12 inches of new snow beginning this afternoon; and every function in the area for this weekend has been canceled.  I wonder what a wedding scheduled for the weekend will do?  And I can't help remembering the time when John Rockefeller was governor here in WV and a huge snowfall was predicted.  He called for the National Guard, canceled all the state and university activities, and we got zip.  After that, snow could be 4 feet drifted and he wouldn't call anything off.  Once bitten...

DH was at the grocery store yesterday to pick up 2 items, and never thought to get milk or orange juice (a vital necessity) and thus he went out this morning.  They were restocking the milk when he got there, the crowds he dreaded were nowhere to be seen, the shelves were pretty depleted and all the snow shovels had been sold out.  I think we should buy milk every time we are in the store, we will never run out!  The other big item everyone stocks before a storm is, you guessed it, bathroom paper.  We are fortunately OK there, as it was sold out except for weird brands and single Scott rolls.

Best of all, both DD and DS have today off, as the storm should be OK to go to work, but a mess to get home.  We even got a call from the pharmacy to make sure all our (many) scripts are filled in case the roads are impassable.  Do you think they would refill my hydrocodone pills?  No, I don't think so either.

I am doing the never ending task of laundry today, hoping we don't lose the power.  I was in the shower one evening and the power went out.  It is dark in there!  And my hair was all soapy so I couldn't just step out.  I keep a flashlight nearby now, just in case history repeats itself.

My birthday is soon, I got my driver's license renewed last week, and I don't even recognize myself in the photo.  I forgot to tip my glasses up and so my eyes look like Orphan Annie from the flash making a white spot on the lenses.  My jacket hood is visible on one side, and makes me look hunchbacked.  And worst of all, my double chin shows!  Sigh...

Thought for the day:  " Who needs a spring chicken when you can have a well-seasoned bird?"

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