Saturday, September 05, 2015

Falling behind

Well, I seem to have sorely neglected my blog of late, so I will post here, this in spite of having nothing much to post (that's not new).

The computer is up and running again without problems.  Even the Mal-ware program has been quiet.  I paid for the disk for that program, allowing two more PCs to be protected, but so far no one has done anything with it.  Oh well, I hope they won't be troubled like I was.  And that HP program I was trying to load/run?  Not for me.  I finally got Adobe Photoshop to install and to stop asking me to provide an "activation key"  when all I have is the registration key.  Mutter mutter.  Turns out I had an old version of PS as well as a newer version, and the old one (from 2005) is not compatible with Win7.  Sigh.

Reverting to that boring subject:  Weather.  We need rain, in spite of having so much in June we were bailing it out of the garage (slight exaggeration).  Can't mow the grass, which is pretty ragged looking; the neighbors who mowed theirs now have an entire lawn with dead grass, the sun is so scorching.  Plus, we have a LOT of trees, shading most of the property, which helps, although the leaves are falling very early and very heavily.  We don't rake them up, just wait for them to blow into the neighbor's yard (JOKE!  joke!).  One year the neighbor's kids wanted to rake them into their yard so they could play with them.  I said their dad won't be pleased with that, but they assured me their dad didn't care, so I let them.  Later the leaves were blown into the farm/pasture beyond them, no harm done.

I have had to take the old cat into my bedroom at night, the other cats were picking on him and he isn't spry enough to get up high or hide.  I had to shut him in the bathroom, with box, food, and water.  So far the only downside to that is when I need to use the facility during the night.  I tempt him with treats to move away from the doorway, and then I scoot out.  Things upstairs have quieted down a lot, and he can rest at night too.  He is 16.

Mostly he sleeps.

Wish I could make him young again.

t-shirt of the day:  "Remember that life is like riding a bike - if it's easy, you're probably going downhill."

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