Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hear Ye, etc.

As if coping with my post-surgical eyes wasn't enough, I have been fighting an ear infection too, after getting water in my ear when I showered.  Finally went to the clinic and had it irrigated and got antibiotics.  They also told me to take Claritin or sudafed.  I rooted around in the medicine cabinet and found some of both of these, so I took them every-other-day.  God forbid I buy some at the drug store which is *right beside* the clinic.  Anyway, it is starting to clear up.  What??  You said?

DH went to Best Buy yesterday and bought a tablet.  He has been reading online reader novellas on his computer in another room and would go for hours.  It made his neck stiff and his wife (me  
!) annoyed to be left in the living room while every body else is pecking away on their computers.  However, I will soon join the group, working with my new HP computer.  No more crashes and broken internet connection for me.  What is even more amazing (not a hand-me-down computer) is that we bought it direct from HP with Windows 7  !! and not 8 or 10.  I can always upgrade should I need to.  But with 7, my learning curve is non-existent.  Now if I can install Family Tree Maker on my poor old (10 years and counting) MacBook from 2005 (and it was refurbished then).  I want to be able to take my data with me when we go to courthouses, etc. doing genealogy.  I had it on the old thing, but when I updated the OS on the Mac the FTM wouldn't work.  Now I am fiddling around with Parallels and a copy of FTM for Mac that I bought for $ 5.  We shall see.  There is always pencil and paper, but I found I tended to take notes about sources and info I have already gotten.  After all, I have ~ 2500 individuals in the data base, I can't remember more than a handful.

So to sum up, my eyes, ears and memory are currently fading.  Old age is not for sissies.

T shirt for the day:  "My mind not only wanders it sometimes leaves completely."

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