Saturday, February 28, 2015


I think I have figured out the setting of "don't track my own traffic". It works fine as long as I use one computer only.  But if I switch back and forth between this pc and my MacBook, it negates that setting.  So all the "Morgantown" in the listing over there ----> is from me.  Drat.  I can't figure out how to delete all the Morgantown listings.

I saw a topic recently from a woman with a particular recipe for something yummy, who was asked for the recipe.  She didn't want to share, as it is her "specialty" for family gathers.  I understand completely.  But my story is a little different.

When we lived in San Francisco, most of our social events were pot luck; everyone brought something to share.  It always kinda irked me at how many people brought the bare minimum (chips) or dessert items, because there was nothing substantial to eat.  One particular event, I didn't have time to fix anything at all, but damned if I was going to cop out with chips.  So I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought two big buckets of fried chicken, transferred it to my own pan, and brought it.  There was this one M.D. who had probably never eaten fast food of any kind, who just raved about my chicken and how he wanted my "recipe".  Even weeks later he asked for the recipe, and I couldn't tell him where I got it, because it would have made him look foolish, so for years he bugged me for the recipe.  I don't live there anymore, and I wonder if he ever tried KFC on his own.  Probably not.  But I get a little giggle every time I buy it now to eat. Must have been those 11 herbs and spices.

Thought for the day:  (in honor of Mr. Spock) "Keep calm and phasers on STUN."


Dina said...

That is so funny about the chicken. Made me laugh out loud. It's kind of cute!

Dina said...

Also...your visit count thing reminds me...

Years back on Livejournal, I installed some kind of counter. I saw there was someone visiting me quite often. I felt like I was being stalked, which was a little scary and somewhat flattering. Then I realized it was counting my own visits.