Friday, January 16, 2015

In threes

Do bad things occur in threes?  I don't know, but ours has.
1. The washer
2. The Toyota Highlander
3. DH's tooth.

Yes,  my invincible husband was eating a piece of toast when his tooth broke off.  To the dentist the next day, and she found *two* teeth cracked off, and one cavity.  Crowns = $$$$

I slipped and fell trying to get in the car yesterday.  I wasn't hurt, other than a sore bum and a blow to my pride.  Not even my fragile knee.  The driveway was a solid sheet of glass.  I did get in the car, ran our errands, and while we were out we bought a tub of kitty litter and made a path across the driveway and up the steps.  I won't be going anywhere until the driveway thaws, probably Saturday.  We cannot use salt on this new driveway until it is a year old and sealed. 
Oh, a message to Dina:  the cards never arrived.  I think the postman has something against me, maybe our Christmas gift wasn't big enough?  I didn't get a card from my uncle either.  Hope they do better with checks.

The Knitters Paradise forum which I read has a topic asking everyone to share a photo of themselves.  Here is the one I posted~

Blondie, lived to the ripe old age of 27.  Still missed.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Consider this diem carped."

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Dina said...

That's sad about the cards. I wonder what happened there.

Yikes about the teeth! Dental stuff scares me.