Friday, September 19, 2014

Ringing the bell

There is a small bell, like the kind that used to be put on cows, nothing fancy, sitting on my desk here tonight.  When I worked in the electron microscopy room, I hung it on the inside of the door so I would know when someone came in.  Where I worked would be in various locations (it was a 4 room suite, and one was a darkroom) I would get so involved in what I was doing that people would walk in the room when I had no idea there was anybody behind me.  Talk about jumping!  And of course, being in near-total (TOTALLY) darkness and hearing the darkroom door cycle (squeeeeek) tended to get my attention.  Anyway, that's the reason for using the bell.

But now it just sits on my desk, the nines knock it off once in a while, and it reminds me of bittersweet memories.  It was a good job, while it lasted.

DH and I went to a fund raising rally last night for Natalie Tennant, who is running for the U.S. Senate, in the slot left by Sen John Rockefeller who is retiring after 30 years.  She is an impassioned speaker, and has a smooth way of working the crowd.  Right now she is Sec. of State for WV, and would make an excellent senator. But I am doubtful about her chances, as the Repub. candidate is pouring so much money into the campaign.  We will see in November, I guess.  But what was fascinating at the rally was people-watching from the side lines.  Such an odd assortment of people, mildly inebriated, shouting like at a football game at each talking point.  Loud.  I actually stood for over an hour in dress shoes (I would have killed for a chair)  and DIDN't eat anything, even right by the table, yea Weight Watchers, because I ate a light dinner at home before we went.  If we had arrived sooner we might have managed a small table and a chair (!).  I'll see if I can walk later today.  Right now it feels a little iff-y.  Our attendance at this event was the idea of DH, who worked the crowd pretty well himself, even though he is retired now.  It was interesting to watch.  And I actually spoke to TWO people!

I have deliberately not watched the news from Scotland, will they be Scotland the brave, or the foolhardy?  And the idea of allowing 16 and 17 year-olds the vote is sure to make a BIG difference.  I am sure that at 16 I wouldn't have known the names of our senators, rock group yes, senators no.  For certain, this vote has both sides whipped into a frenzy, if the news coverage is anything to go by.  Our family was Welch, a long time ago.  No one will be likely to vote for a Welch candidate who has a name that the newspeople cannot pronounce. Padraig for Patrick isn't too bad, but Afagddu (ah VAG thee) or Blwchfadd (BLOOKH varth) do you see my point?

I am feuding with the pharmacists that now have my 'scripts after the last pharmacy closed.  I had a script filled there on Sunday, and when I got home I saw that one of them had only 6 pills in it, I was expecting 60.  The doctor has been going on about closely following how many I take (I tend to take fewer), and I thought it was an attempt to get me to call her, which I did, and she was puzzled.  After back and forth, it looks like the pharm. dispensed 6 instead of 60, and now they are in turmoil trying to figure out what went wrong with their system.  It's not without problems (insurance, etc.), and I am grateful it is not for any kind of narcotic.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Two rules for success in life.  1.  Don't tell everyone everything you know.  2.                       ."

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