Monday, September 15, 2014

Let the good times roll...

Ten things I (or we) did right:

1.  Marrying DH (44 years and counting).
2. Having children (really great ones).
3.  Moving from San Francisco to WV.
4.  Sending the kids to a catholic school (even though we aren't catholic).
5.  Having a yearly mammogram (that found my aggressive cancer quickly).
6.  Buying and keeping special horses (Poco was the best).
7.  Getting my medical technology license.
8.  Living close enough to get to know my aunts amd uncle.
9.  Seeking help when times were dark and seemed hopeless.
10. Encouraging and then helping my parents move here from FL.

There they are, mostly as they occurred, and in no special order.  I hope it doesn't seem like I am bragging,  It is just that I seem blessed with special people around me.  I've had problems, mostly about work near the end of my career, and really bleak times, but an extremely helpful therapist as well as a doctor helped me through those times (and now I feel mostly OK).

What are your good decisions?

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Calm you shall keep and Carry on you must."

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Dina said...

I like your list : )

I think most lives are full of good stuff and bad.