Friday, September 12, 2014

Days Gone By

And here is the photo as of 9/19 (the porch is entirely repainted here; all those damn balusters - twice!)

We made the big mistake of painting the porch the same color as the wall behind it.  Now it is half and half until the rain stops and the porch dries.

I was thinking of the mistakes we have made over the years, some big and some not too big (like painting the wrong color).  Here is the list so far:

1.  We didn't buy the empty lot next door when we had the chance.  Now owned by the Paul Bunyan type (see a post a few days back) next door.
2,  Buying a dud pickup truck (why hasn't it been recalled for crappy brakes)?  8800 miles and three brake replacements!
3.  Getting the black kitten at the pound.  She spends her time beating up on the other cats and barfing.
4.  Choosing the wrong major in college,  one which would have given me upward mobility and not one which needed a PhD. to move upward.
5. Not taking my photography or my computer programming seriously.
6.  A regret about the kids.
7.  Not writing my grandmother when I was in college; she died suddenly while I was taking final exams my freshman year.
8.  Going to Bob Jones University, no place for a skeptic there.  They taught me how to lie.
9.  Buying a boat!  The two happiest moments, when you buy the boat, and when you sell it.
10.  Buying a small house (no room for a craft room) !

I think ten are enough, don't you?  'I'll do  "ten things I did right" another day..

Bumper sticker for the day:  "No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery. "


SkippyMom said...

I think the house looks lovely - and do you suppose that is a GHOST? giggle

Ah, regrets are. . .worthless. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to be and life is simply too precious to worry about what we should've done, right? Although the cat and Bob Jones ones did give me a little giggle [no offense. :) ]

And knowing you all these years I can guarantee that your "Things I Did Right List" is going to be hard to keep at just 10 things. Because there are so, so, so many things to put on that list.

Have a wonderful weekend - and watch out for that ghost. ::wink:: [No, I really don't believe in ghosts, but it does look like one, sort of. heee]

Dina said...

Do you regret taking your photography seriously, or NOT taking it seriously?

I hope the cat gets better. Maybe he'll mellow as he gets older...and get better digestion.