Friday, July 18, 2014

Today's news today, or later

Greetings to all here from the AZ area, and the brutal hot weather you are suffering through.  It is in the 60s here today and the 50s at night, and it is too bad we can't mix the weather together and have 75 for everyone.  And rain in CA instead of TX.  And what's with that gigantic crater in Russia?

My aunt that we visit down in the center part of the state got up in the night, lost her balance and pulled a dresser drawer down on herself, cutting her leg badly.  My uncle said there was blood everywhere, and the ER put 17 stitches in it.  As happens with age, she is uncertain what happened and how she got hurt.  My uncle sounds exhausted.  If they get a hospital bed the sides could be put up at night so she won't fall out...  she is on hospice so that is possible, I think.

We are tearing down our pool, leaving a big hole in the deck that will have to be fixed somehow.  We haven't used the pool much in the last several years, and the upkeep is both time and money consuming when no one is using it.  I loved to just look at it, especially in the evening when the lights shimmered inside the house, but that isn't enough to warrant keeping it.  I guess.

At least the horrible stink bugs we had in the late winter through springtime are all gone (here).  We had a series of warm days which brought them out, followed by below freezing nights which killed them off.  Of course there had to be a trade-off, and it seems to be spiders in the house.  I leave them alone outside (unless they are right beside the outside doors), but the ones inside have to go.  They are fast !! And killing them means you have to watch where they have run to hide, and then swoop down with paper towel and squish.  Ugh.  Still, better than clumsy flying stink bugs.

 Here is a photo of the Highlander that caused so much trouble for a simple dead battery.  I should say, that jumping the battery let it start, but the low charge bollixed up the electronics, hence all the flashing lights on the control panel.  All OK so far.

N finished clearing out the office for the volunteer group he works with, his part was mainly providing the pickup truck to haul 10 years worth of c**p to the recycling/dump station.  It was amazing how much stuff there was - they even had supplies in the bathtub! - , and the group has moved into a smaller office with a small closet for storage, so the culling was ruthless.  Some of it was donated to various groups and organizations.  There were a large number of unmarked stick pens and DD took them to work, they constantly run out and have to scrounge, the pens can't have any logos, etc. on them, so most freebies are unusable.  I'm trying to think of what I can do with the zillion pencils, it would have been nice if an electric pencil sharpener had turned up.  I think a lady I know volunteers in an elementary school, I'll see if they want them.  We ended up with two rather battered plastic tubs, clean inside and cleanable outside, that I will use to store yarn (!) in.  I must not buy any more yarn until some of this is used.  Must.  Not.  Buy.  The knitting machine eats up an amazing amount yarn, once a project is started, so what I have is not completely out of reason.  Or so I tell myself.


Bumper sticker for the day:  "The trouble with bucket seats is not everybody has the same size bucket."

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