Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Housemaids knee/know/

I have been coping pretty well over the last 3 or 4 weeks; this marks the second month since my last cortisone shot.  In another 4 weeks I will see Dr. Kurth, the ortho doctor who said I would know when it was time for an artificial knee, and I think we are there.  At minimum I will have information to read and ponder.  Either surgery, or I will need pain killers to get through the days.  I am also going to connect with the new psychotherapist and go for another session to see if I was a little rushed the first time around.  Ya think??

Meanwhile the last of the pool liner and all the non recyclable stuff is in the truck to go to the dump, with as much of the right stuff for this recycle number as possible.

As a post within a post, doing good is not to be found tonite.  I had topics, and photos, and good jokes, and over time, they have slowly slipped away and tonight I as going to (what happened to the blue font??!!) Now I have lost what tenuous grip I was trying to overcome great...

                                   Close your eyes,  breathe deeply in, then gently exhale.                                 
Good night.   

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