Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grumble grumble

This has been a totally wasted day.  It started off OK, DH went to "help out" a group for which he is on the board.  What was supposed to be a one day project has turned into 4 and counting.  So anyway, he comes home exhausted, showers, eats, relaxes for a while.  We decided we would go out to dinner, something we do every Friday if possible.  We even have a guest card, so we head for the Toyota  Highlander, and it wouldn't start.  This is a brand new car, one month old, 1000 miles, cost a damned fortune, and it won't start?  DH tried everything he knew to do, but to no avail.  So we troop inside the house and call the dealer.  Who says, all the mechanics have gone for the weekend, but we could go ahead and get it in now so it would have first priority on Monday.  DH says,Umm, OK, but exactly how am I to bring it in when it won't start?  She replies, tow truck, and then stops.  DH waits and says since you (the dealer) are paying for this, don't you have a preferred company, and I assume you can call them, yes?  She allows that she can arrange this (big sigh, such a hardship for her.)  So the tow truck comes, hoists the car up into the bed of the truck and off they go.

While we were waiting for the tow truck to finish up, husband asks if we can borrow son's car to go to dinner as it is 6:15 by now and no dinner in sight.  He says sure, and DH asks him for the keys.  Here is where the story diverges,  Son said he already handed his keys over to Dad, and Dad says he only looked at them and did not take them then.  Four adults spend 3 HOURS searching for the keys, including going down to the dealer to search the Highlander.  No keys.

We found a comb, a folding knife, a sock, several hankies, you get the idea, in the living room recliner.  No keys.  At 9 PM I give up and went to bed, and eventually the rest of the family did too.

I'll wait till tomorrow to finish this.

Sorry for the wait, but we have all taken third and fourth looks in all the places we looked before, and we cannot find the damn keys.  Resolve to get new set made later this week, and son can drive using the second (spare) set.  I am so frustrated.

 Bumper sticker for the day:  "I'm not a pessimist; I'm an optimist with experience."

Update to the update:  The keys were at the dealer's the whole time; the tow truck driver dropped them thru the "early bird" box, and the dealer went nuts trying to find a Subaru in the Toyota lot that needed service.  All's well that ends well...


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Dina said...

I'm glad the keys were finally found!

Love the bumper sticker!