Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zoom Zoom

I am back from FL and glad to be home, where I can veg out if needed.  The plane ride was ...interesting.  Going to FL on a 737 was great because in a plane that seats 140 ish flyers, there were only 30 or so passengers.  I got all three seats in the row behind the bulkhead seats.  On the return flight, there were around 130 passengers, and there was someone in the window seat while I was in the aisle, but we had the center seat for our purses, etc.  I was the first person on the plane too.  I flew Business Select, which in NOT first class (Southwest has no first class seats, it is open seating, where you can take any seat that is, well, open).  The ride home was pretty bumpy at take off and landing, the two times when I get white-knuckle hands.  But all was well.  Husband and son met me at Pittsburgh and we drove an hour to get home.  This was the only non-stop flight from here to there.

The day I returned was our 44th wedding anniversary, but I was too tired to go out to dinner.  DH had a nice chicken dinner in the crock pot, so that worked out well.  The next day I was so sore on my right side from carrying a HEAVY tote bag thru miles of airport that I had to take one of my pain pills, I'll have to find a better way next time.  I had checked my suitcase, even though it would have fitted in the overhead compartment, because I didn't want to hoist it over my head to get it in (or out).  I bought t-shirts for the kids, which they said were great, but then they would have said that if they were too small or in weird colors, I will probably never see them wearing them.

The cats literally threw themselves at me when I walked in the door, demanding pets and scratches right then.  They still had had 3 adult slaves to see to their demands while I was gone, but apparently that wasn't enough.  Now, of course, they completely ignore me.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "I'll procrastinate tomorrow."

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