Saturday, May 24, 2014

Past midnight

Well, here it is, another 3 am post.  I am sitting here , munching on a Heath bar and wondering what to write here.

The paving company will be here Monday or Tuesday to pave the driveway and the parking area, at last.  We put down $1000 deposit and then they never returned our calls, and the last time that happened (a long time ago) the company went under and took our $ with them.  But soon they should arrive, and we will park across the street on the basketball court, all 4 cars.  I think we are the last house on our road that doesn't have a paved driveway, but that is because we have had major problems with rain run-off flooding the garage (and the house).  But these people say they can fix that, we will see..

All the flowers have the place looking pretty spiffy.  The yard is unbelievably lush and it is all trimmed and mowed, including the back pasture.  As you come along our road toward the house, the slick and sassy horses playing up in the green green field make it look like a post card.  I'll see if I can post a photo here, lord willin' and the creek don't rise.  I haven't taken many lately.

June 2nd I am flying to south Florida for a visit with my BFF who has been ill.  I don't want to drop a lot of private information here, but I am so glad this has worked out.  This huge country of ours makes staying together with friends and family a continuous challenge, and there is only so much we can do with phone calls and notes.  Or Facebook for that matter.  Which I still don't "get".  The little I have seen it seems to be too cheerful (" you have new contacts !!") instead of saying, "there are other facebookers here that have too much time on their hands !"  I don't understand how my name hops up for them to "friend" from where I worked before retirement.  People I hardly spoke two words to when I saw them every day.  It's one of life's puzzles.

I haven't knitted much lately,although I have a couple of  works in process. I have been taking more naps in the afternoon than usual, and when I finish one I go upstairs for a while so the rest of the family won't forget my face.  But I have to restrict how many times I go up and down the stairs if I want to be able, for instance, to go to the grocery store.  All that will be do-able for a few weeks, as yesterday I got my once-every-three-months cortisone shot in my right knee.  Damn the shot hurts, but gosh, the result is immediate.  No limp!  I'm good for at least 2 1/2 moonths.  I DO NOT want a knee replacement.  Right now I want to lose weight (Heath bar not withstanding) which should help the knee too.  And I could utilize more of my closet, where the 200+ jeans and shirts languish.  Of which I can wear MAYBE 25% of them on a good day.  DD says she does the "bunny hop" to get into her tight jeans, where I am of the old school of laying down flat on the bed to zip.  My hopping days are over, I feel.  The jeans stretch out (love that spandex) after an hour or so, letting me draw deep breaths again.  The modern day equivalent of a corset, I guess.

Usually I vaccinate the horses on Memorial day weekend, but it helps a lot if I actually order the vaccines ahead of then.  More likely this will be a June effort, and it is easiest when the farrier  comes to trim their feet, with them already brushed and and in the cross ties.  The cost is far far lower than what the vet charges, I get it for $25 each and $25 dollars shipping (on ice), and it takes about 30 seconds per horse.

One of the horses has a wart-y growth in her ear.  Her dam (mother) also had one, which spontaneously resolved after months of benign neglect.  The reading I have done on the condition all agree that it is better left alone, as cutting them off, or freezing, etc. only serves to bring them back, bigger.  The sources say only take extra care when haltering or putting on a bridle(as if), as the horse becomes head-shy sometimes. I don't know how I would tell, she's been head shy since day one.  Literally.  When she was born, I watched as she got to her feet and stood up and wobbled over to mom/s milk bar.  When she was ready to lay down again, I went quietly in and did what the "horse imprinting" book suggested, touching her ears, running my hand over her, etc.  The next day she wouldn't let me touch her, hiding behind Mom.  It got worse day by day, until she had to be shipped off to a trainer's because she was so wild after weaning.  He worked miracles on her, at last I could halter her, brush her, pick out her feet, etc.  She went to him as a 3 year old to be broken to ride, and DH rode her a fair amount.  I rode her Once.  She is crazy as near as I can tell, and you watch, she will be the last to go.  Her brother, a bay,  two years older and out of a different stallion, isn't marked like a paint, but is a dream to handle.  Unless he is in pain, but I give him a pass on that (stone embedded in his foot for instance).

Well enough horse lore, I doubt anyone has read this far.  I still plan on shooting some photos to add here, so check back.  It is back to bed now.

Bumper sticker of the day:  "I've reached the age where 'happy hour' is a nap."

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