Saturday, May 17, 2014


Just two weeks until I fly to Ft. Myers to see my friend for a couple of days.  This is a busy time for us, doing all the spring maintenance and such, although having DS to help is a huge benefit.  I told DH that having the property lines surveyed, the manure pile removed, the plantings around the house, a new driveway poured, will convince the neighbors that we are moving.  But no, it is just maintenance/sprucing up and such. 

I have a great new knitting project under way, but it will take me a while to get it done.  I plan on starting it before going to FL, and taking it with me for times when my BFF needs to rest.  I bought double the amount of yarn in the directions, so I won't run out.  I would imagine it would be nice to do on the plane, but the needle/hook would probably be confiscated a security.  Like a terrorist is going to be knitting up a little pair of baby booties while he waits to, I don't know, terrorize?  " I've got knitting needles and I know how to use them!"  I guess it isn't really funny to minimize the security part of flying these days.  I'm just weird.  The time we flew to San Diego, I left my boarding pass in the gray tub along with my jacket, etc., and as a result I got the "scan the entire body" even as I pointed at the pass right there in front pf us, on the opposite side of the glass.  The people that fly all the time are so slick, whip off the shoes, computer in a pan by itself,  carry-on on the belt, I feel like I am holding up hundreds of people as I fumble along.  I am flying business class, and supposedly have an expedited security check point, we will see.  I will try my best to do what is required without feeling pressured to do it faster.  When I flew to San Diego 2 years ago, at our tiny little airport (2 gates) the security guy opened every bag and swiped them all for explosive residue.  He did it in plain sight of  all of us, on the opposite side of a glass window, If I had realized all my undies were going to be scrutinized by everyone on the plane I would have put them together in a ziplock bag.  One woman with feminine products in her suitcase was mortified.  Oh well, nothing that hasn't been seen before.

Back to bed, it is 4 am here, and writing in the blog is what I do when the insomnia strikes in the wee hours.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "If things get worse I'll have to ask you to stop helping"

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