Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nighttime Ramblings

It is 12:15 am here and I am fighting off a really low feeling.  I still get these even with my 4 anti-depressants, but they go away pretty quickly as a rule.  But nighttime is the worst, I wake up from the dregs of a nightmare and there is nothing to distract me that I can do quietly except come here in my computer room.  With a stink bug, brrrr.  Still no sign of him, yet. 

I have been getting emails from my former therapist.  She moved out-of-state almost 1 year ago, and I really miss her.  She set me up with a really nice therapist, but it isn't the same, and I stopped therapy for a while, if not permanently.  The emails from H are really nice, and it is safe to say we communicate as friends rather than just therapist/client.  But nothing beats face-to-face; I don't think Skype will replace actual encounters, other than for the most superficial purposes.  Still, I may play with it, the MacBook has a built-in camera that makes me look like a plump Martian with a very wide nose.  Truth will out.

Jim Butcher has a new Dresden files book due out at the end of this month which I have pre-ordered.  I will force myself to leave it alone on my Kindle until my trip is underway, it should make the flight go faster.  There is also another Odd Thomas book out in Dec., which is a long way from now.  Unless I have the two books confused.  It will be a surprise, anyway.  I have to start my trip in Pittsburgh, about an hour's drive from here in WV.  It leaves at 4:45 pm, so I will have plenty of time for cold feet to set in.  But there is always Xanax just for this kind of anxiety. 

 This post has been written over most of the day, a little here and there.  Soon it will be dinner time and I have just finished my nap.  Oh well.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "I've taken a vow of poverty.  To annoy me, send money."

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