Saturday, February 15, 2014

Computers and other gadgets

This little  MacBook laptop is getting a little temperamental as it ages.  I shouldn't be surprised, as it is around 8 years old, but I am quite fond of it.  Not, however fond enough to put money into it.  2 years ago I replaced the hard drive with a 500GB one, which is ridiculously large.  At one point I had the drive partitioned into mac and windows, so I could run windows programs (mainly Family Tree Maker) on it.  But the latest versions of that program now run on the Mac (I am told) so if I want to I can install it again.  It seemed so weird to have the familiar windows opening screens on here.

I hear that it is now possible to buy a new computer (HP) for $150 less, with Windows 7 installed instead of Win8.  Because win 8 is such a dog.  My desktop is running win7 and I quite like it, once I got used to it, replacing a win xp that went haywire.  We at least have found a place that recycles old computers, cellphones, printers, etc. so they don't end up in a landfill somewhere.  And for free, no less.  Now if I can only find someone who will take 500 books or so; maybe if we take them to the library, a box or two at a time.  There are even  more in the attic, but I don't want to think about them.

I got my latest swap box from a fellow knitting knut, aqua this time.  It was great, and included more YARN! of course.  I have revamped my secondary stockpile of yarn to hold more, separated by boxes so that I can remove skeins without having the entire pile fall down on me, probably smothering me, how embarrassing.  Of course it is 2/3 full already, and I am still open to more acquisitions.  A lifetime supply already.  It is hard to explain to non-knitters (or crocheters, etc.) the lure of a warm fuzzy hank of lovely colored yarn, but the truth is I had collected a fair amount of yarn even before I learn to (poorly) knit.  Now I machine knit, which zooms through yarn at an amazing clip, once the fiddly pattern making is selected for the row.  I still try to knit by hand, I made a pair of mittens, but the quality of my knitting is really poor, dropped stitches, twisted ones, uneven tension so there are big and little stitches, you name it.  And of course it is really slow going.  I am currently experimenting with looming, it looks like a kids' toy, but can produce some lovely things once I get the hang of it.  It is faster than handknittting (for me) and best of all it uses bulky and super bulky yarn, which won't fit on the machine and which works up in much fewer rows.

Anyway, enough of that.

The menfolk are outside trying to clear the driveway and parking area of the latest snowfall, 4 inches last night.  Our driveway is a mess, it is a continuous surprise that we don't slide into each other while parking.  I hate this and want it to be spring.  Not as badly as the shovelers do, I am certain.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Lead me not into temptation.  I know the way."

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