Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here I come (again)

Goodness, Has it been that long since my last post?  Well, it was due to life that needed to be caught up.

I have been knitting an afghan, it is 60% done, not counting the final crochet on the edges, and I am pretty pleased with it so far.  I knitted only one before this.  It is supposed to be "beginner simple" I will see after I begin braiding the panels together.

Spring is almost here, and I am desperate to get some sunshine and warm temps.  The horses have been kept in the barn with only a few outdoor trips in the last 3 months, because the footing in the paddocks is too slick and glue-y and I fear a sudden fall and and a broken leg.  Willie is 22 and Maybe is 20 this summer.  They were born here, I missed Willlie's birth (drat that mare) but saw Maybe's.  After she was born I slowly followed the instructions for imprinting the foal, gently handling her feet and head.  It went well, I thought, until 24 hours later when she wouldn't even peek around mom and no way would she be touched.  Willie was friendly and interested from the start.  The difference between them is the same now as it was then, although her intensive emergency handling at the trainer's  when she was two at least let her be haltered and brushed.  (I didn't know any horse alive that didn't love grooming.)  His secret weapon was peppermint candy and a lot of patience.  I would have sold her if she had not calmed down.

All of our feline beasts are doing fine, touch wood, so our vet bills haves gradually been retreating from the breathless levels of the winter.  Most of the scars from dosing them have faded too.

The Newfy dogs are OK too, although pretty smelly.  To cold for baths, though.  Now if I could keep them from drooling...

I passed my 2 year check up with no problems (breast cancer), I am good until July.   My scars there are fading too.  In my mind though, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop, doing a  breast check every time I shower.  I know it is redundent, and that the first one was found from a mammogram, but I can't seem to quit.  Maybe with more time I will feel more secure.

I have apparently solved my problem with weird comments on this blog.  As near as I can tell, they were posted and then erased after a few hours.  A mail drop?  Anyway I added word verification and banned anonymous comments, and I haven't gotten one for weeks.

All for now..
Bumper sticker:  "You can tell Monopoly is as old game because there's a luxury tax and rich people can go to jail."

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SkippyMom said...

I am so happy for you that you got another clean bill, but I understand completely where you are coming from. I wake up everyday and wonder "Is today the day?" and it's all tentative until I am sure I am okay.
One day at a time - and if I feel better checking and reassuring myself, then so be it. Better than dead, I say. ::grinning:: Besides, it helps us both, I am sure, that we have wonderful partners to be there, eh?

Glad the cats are doing better. I saw the wordless Wednesday and I must say, that is one healthy looking kitty. Very pretty. I had one the same gorgeous color. We named her Pewter and gosh I miss her. She was a stunner, in looks an love.

Pooldad is definitely not a cat person, but he has been noticing the trouble I have with Spot, our dog. She may be small, but she is compact and powerful, and loves her Momma. Unfortunately it hurts me, so he told me the other day that if I wanted another kitty he would happily take me to the shelter and adopt anyone I wanted if it would make me happy. That took a lot for him because he knows he would be responsible for the litter, as he loves the cat, but hates the litter part - hence why he is not a cat person. But I told him he was very generous, and perhaps I would wait a few months and see. He does enough, I couldn't put that on him too and I can't promise to always be able to do it.

Then I see your gorgeous baby, and well. . .

Hope it warms up soon for you. Take care and it sure is nice seeing you! Hugs! Skippy

PS If this comment is too long, you are welcome to just save it for yourself. You don't have to feel like it should be posted. Thanks!