Monday, December 10, 2012


Hi there every one.  I've been wrapped up in Christmas preparation, but most of it is done (except the wrapping, sigh) so I came here to check things out.  But there is this weird thing:  I get all the comments forwarded to my email (that's not the strange thing) and I keep getting comments written in what looks like greek.  I delete them from the email, but today I went to the comments section on the blog site to delete them there, and I don't find any like that.  I worry that my comment section is being used as a "drop" for several people to leave anonymous messages that aren't attached directly to them.
But I can't find the messages in the 428 ones in the list.  What gives?  Can someone leaving a comment come back later and delete it from my blog?  Just a random micro thought....

My visit with the oncologist last week went fine;  still in remission.  Yay!!

Bumper sticker for the day:  "The geeks shall inherit the earth."

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