Monday, September 17, 2012


And now for a moment of silence OK that's long enough.  My computer died, not my fault, it just sat there humming and doing nothing.  We tried several ways to revive it, but in the end I got my son's old (nearly new) computer for the cost of a new HD.  It is one terrabyte, and I had less than 320 mbytes before.  Unfortunately although I had backed up (regularly) my main files, I didn't back up my favorites bookmarks.  Learn from my error and back your favorites up from time to time, you'll be glad you did at some point.  Anyway, I eventually remembered that my MacBook had mostly the same bookmarks, so I used a flash drive to transfer them here.  So!!  I still have all of your addresses, and don't have to wrack my brain to remember who was where.

We have closed the pool, although it is still warm enough to swim in (mostly), fishing out the the falling leaves just overwhelmed us.  I really miss it.  The broken thumb is pretty much mended, although my grip is still a little weak.  As part of the new computer I have a new keyboard, which does not have the letter "B" on the b key; instead it has a small red "b" in a circle, which puzzles me.  Any ideas?  The keyboard does not have all the extra buttons, CD drives, Internet shortcut keys, and so forth, so I have to stop and ponder how to do things that were so simple before.  But as I then had Win XP and now have Win 7, the connection of the USB as well as the extra functions were not compatible.  A term I have been seeing a good bit of, these last few days.  I used to use a little program called HP Image Zone to do a fast and simple touch up on my photos, it is incompatible too now, and I can't seem to find something similar.  I guess I will have to use Adobe Photo Ready, which is way more complicated.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple photo editing program? 

I did get out my knitting machine and knitted up some practice pieces.  I still want to learn to knit by hand, the local Michael's will have two classes in October so I will try that.  The first class is "Knit" and second one is "Purl", don't you think that is strange?  I can do both now, but I don't hold the yarn right and I keep dropping a needle (not just a stitch, the entire needle!).  The diagrams in the book are only so much help, at some point I need a real person to help me.

Bumper sticker for the day: "Computers do not damage your thinky thingy."

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