Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I'm going to have to cultivate the habit of leaving my camera out, accessible, so I can get some neat pictures to post here.  Last night there were these incredible cloud formations, thunderheads lit from behind by the setting sun.  The view didn't last long, and of course I couldn't lay my hands on the camera until it was mostly gone.  So you have to use your imagination...

Friday I fell and landed hard in a parking lot.  Besides my dignity, I also damaged my right hand.  I waited until yesterday (Tuesday) to have it checked out, and the x-ray shows that I broke my thumb.  Now I sit here pecking away at the keyboard one key at a time.  And you should see me inching my trackball across a page, oh it's a wonder the screen will wait that long for me to click on something.  Next week I go to the ortho doctor to have it evaluated.  Meanwhile I am in a half-cast, I can at least remove it to shower.

All because I tripped.

Prior to my face plant, I have been trying to knit.  I once knitted a pair of mittens (which I soon lost) and a sweater (too small), well, actually I only knitted 2/3 of it and my friend, bless her, finished it for me.  She is gone now, but I have several things she made for me that I treasure.  Anyway, I seem to have forgotten how to knit, and have had to refer to a beginners book and try again.  However that will be on hold until the cast is off, since I can't even hold the needle, and I don't want to lose what I already have done (on a practice piece).  I unearthed my boxes of yarn and my! there is a lot of it.  Luckily it doesn't spoil!  And some of them are especially lovely.  I'll put some of them together so you can see.

Today I go see the oncologist for my 3 month check-up and a check of my liver enzymes to see that they are marching along in there as they should.  Also to ask if my dizziness has anything to do with the cancer treatment.  Probably not, but still good to ask.

Anyway, back to bed for a while.  Hope those of you who soldiered on with Hurricane Isaac blowing around are doing OK by now.  I remember what it is like to hunker down in the house and wait for the storm to pass, 19 years in Miami gave us a fair sampling.  My thoughts are with you.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Incontinence Hotline...Can you hold, please?"


Dina said...

Ouch. I'm sorry for your fall. And I'm sorry you broke your thumb.

I hope you receive encouraging news at your check up!

SkippyMom said...

What is it about us women that we will hurt ourselves or become ill, but we prolong treatment because [in some cases] there is other stuff I have to do.

I am so very sorry you broke your thumb. OW - but shame on you ::shaking my good finger at you:: for waiting so long. Can't imagine the pain.

Hope the doctor's visit goes without a hitch. You're in our thoughts.