Monday, June 04, 2012

Summertime and the living is easy...

Summertime is NOT a time for taking it easy. If you are like me, you have a list (in your head or written down) of chores that need to be done, like : Wash the siding with powerwasher. Get chimney checked. Paint the front and back doors,inside and out. Take mantle to be repaired and stained. Repair back deck and stain. Repair porch chairs and sofa, paint. Put a grab bar in the bathroom, (for those who are feeble (ahem). It makes me tired to read the entire list, but that was a fair representation. This weekend N and C rebuilt the porch stairs and built a storage space under the stairs. Power washing is next, I think. I had my "clavicle intravenous access port" ("port") removed last Friday. It was a "quick" procedure, in and out in a jiffy. But I think being knocked unconscious while they cut on me is traumatic any way you look at it. So I'm feeling a little under the weather. And the area around the incision itches fiercely because they put on a Sorba view(??) a bandage which is clear in the center, with stick-um on all four sides. The idea being that I could shower with it protecting the site. I had previous experience with these bandages, they are fine for about an hour. Then I start to scratch and scratch. I was home the first few hours and took off the dressing. I went to the drug store today and bought dressings just like that one, in sizes 4" square to 9" square, made to be removed after a shower. I have tape allergy on my records, but what can they do if they need to place a dressing? Just from those few hours I have a bad rash surrounding the incision, but hydrocortisone around it helps. That, or an ice pack.
So much for news on the continuing saga of breast cancer. There will be a celebratory do a little later when I am feeling more... robust. ANNND our anniversary is June 6 (Wednesday). 42nd. The horses are fine and so are the dogs and the cats, knock on wood. We had two days of 90+ weather, so untypical for May, it set records from 'way back. I can't imagine August, if it is that hot now.

 I wanted to do another photo course, but think I would poop out and it's a lot of $$ to just let go. Maybe later. I postpone a lot of things, I think.

Here is today's bumper sticker, "The good thing is I was right. The best thing is you were wrong."

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Dina said...

I love the bumper sticker.

Sorry about your bandage rash issues. It sounds very uncomfortable.

I hope you have a happy anniversary; and I hope you're feeling good enough for a recovery-type celebration soon.