Saturday, June 09, 2012

June 9th

Wednesday the 6th was our wedding anniversary, the (gulp) 42nd.  We had a nice dinner out and I got to wear the fancy stuff I otherwise never would.  And makeup.  And hair fixed.  So of course, looking my best (for now), I completely forgot to get any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it, I looked awesome.  Really.

Number one son (there is only one, so of course he's number one) has taken all of next week off to help N. rebuild the back deck, torn out when we had sewer line problems that meant digging up the line behind the house.  It will be nice to have the whole deck again, as the narrow bit around the pool and by the stairs isn't big enough for the grill.  We wanted to use the decking made from recycled tires, but they cost $24! each!  So that's out the window.  I never realized that those decks they show on home improvement programs were 10s of thousands of dollars for even the simplest ones.  For that kind of money I'll get all new flooring in the house, thanks.

Daughter has gone to Kennywood (amusement park) today, I bet she comes home sunburned and hot, as it was near 90 today.  The deck makers gave up around 1 pm, the sun finally driving them into the house and the air conditioning.  I never ventured any further than the back yard, what with my pasty white skin's ease of sunburning. 

I did get my "port" removed on the first, and saw the surgeon for stitch removal on Thursday.  I'm all done with him until Feb. of next year; I see the oncologist on Tuesday of next week for that final checkup (for 6 months).  What will I do with all the extra time I won't have to spend in waiting rooms?  Guess that's why they call us "patients".

Here is one of the photos from our hawaiian cruise in March.  Better late than never.  My hair is no longer this virulent shade of orange, but a more normal looking auburn.  It all depends on the right package at the drug store.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "You probably don't recognize me without my cape."

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Dina said...

It's fun to look awesome. Those days are becoming rarer and rarer for me.

Sorry you forgot to take photos. I'm sure you'll have other awesome-looking moments.

Glad to hear you won't likely have to any doctor visits for awhile.

How did you keep your patience in waiting rooms? Did you bring something to do? Were you able to concentrate on it; or would you be too anxious?