Friday, May 11, 2012

Good news

Good grief, They've gone and changed the blogging interface, I can barely use the old one.

Mainly I wanted to post that the liver MRI came back clean, and now all that is left is to have the port removed, probably in a couple of weeks. It means anesthesia and a short one day trip to the surgery same-day care. Then I want to celebrate, and not just with a nice dinner out. Any suggestions?

Time for bed again, it is 3:30 am. Bumper sticker for the day:" Shin - Device for finding furniture in the dark."


Dina said...

I wasn't reading carefully enough (at first) and thought you were saying the good news is they changed the blogging interface.

I was trying to be tolerant of your opinion, but was REALLY struggling.

I'm very happy to hear the good news about your liver!

I hope the port removal procedure going very smoothly.

I don't have ideas for celebrations; but whatever you do....I hope it's wonderful.

Lucky Lady said...

Dance like there is no tomorrow glad all is well

Dina said...

I hope you're doing okay.

Please update if you have a chance!