Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bound and determined

Next month will mark the 7 year anniversary of this blog. It amazes me that I could natter on and on (with so little to show for it) and with so little to really say :-} but I began to feel like it could all vanish with a server failure at blogspot, and so I got one of those online web sites to convert my posts into a pdf document which I then printed out and voila! I had it bound on Friday, all 243 pages. What, exactly, I plan to do with this is a puzzlement but at least I can use it as a doorstop if all else fails. My therapist calls it a memoir, but I'd like to think a real memoir would have a bit more substance to it. Ah well, that's why I call this random (unplanned) micro (very small) thoughts.

I had always planned to get both bedrooms that the kids use re-carpeted and re-painted once they moved out, but (ah hem) that doesn't seem to be a reality anytime soon, so we told them that they had to clear out everything, leaving only the main furniture, so the floors can be redone with wood laminate, and the wall paper stripped and the walls re-painted. They both keep very neat bedrooms, always have, but they were stuffed to the gills with books, computer games and consoles and CDs. So this weekend they have been sorting, tossing, donating and boxing everything up and what revelations they have made. R found shoes, still in the box, under her bed; C found a backgammon set, very nice, that none of us could identify as to origin. Long lost books were found, and I am the beneficiary of a bunch of unopened CDs that I think were mine to start with. Not that it matters, really, but still... Once C got his bookcases empty, he knocked them apart and threw them out the window in pieces, so much faster than carrying them all down the stairs and outside. It worked OK but seemed a little, um, bold, but they were in awful shape and his window faces the back of the house where only the horses and dogs can view the chaos and be offended.

I've been doing some bidding on ebay, it is an awful addiction of mine that I try to do conservatively. It must be working, or I've lost my touch, because the last several auctions I have been outbid in the final 15 seconds of the auction. I usually bid at 30 seconds to the end, but that apparently is not good enough to win. Just as well, the whole house would look like the kids' bedrooms and poof! there goes my image.

This post has been a little more random and tiny than usual, so I will leave with this bumper sticker: "Don't make me get out my red pen!"


Dina said...

Wow! I didn't know your blog was that old.

I think it would work great as memoirs....I bet your descendants would enjoy reading it. Other people will as well. You have a nice writing style.

Redhead said...

Thanks Dina. In the beginning (drum roll) it felt like I was like one of those guys who beam messages into outer space, in the hope that some bored extra-terrestrial somewhere will answer. Once I figured out how to put a counter on the site, I felt a little less loony, and kind comments from readers like you are very much appreciated. They like me! I'm not completely nuts! Anyway, thanks for the feedback.... Redhead aka Marilyn


thats funny about the finds..i only find crap,don't know where the good stuff has gone!!!


oh and need to sniper bid, puts your bid in at about 3 seconds. its how i do it,sorry hope i'm not beating you at things lol